A Standing Desk + A Healthy Diet = A Happier You

It’s only right that a healthy person such as yourself – with your standing desk and your active lifestyle – should eat a healthy diet as well, right? The problem for most of us is that diet advice is often contradictory and confusing (are eggs good for us or bad for us this week?)  I’m no nutritionist, but I’m going to try to give you some good resources here that will hopefully help you create a “clean” diet that works for you.

First of all, there’s widespread agreement among doctors, nutritionists and consumers that “diets” don’t work. Temporary, contrived eating plans that severely restrict calories, eliminate entire food groups, or require buying special products may lead to weight loss, but may also lead to feelings of deprivation, malnutrition, and “yo-yo” weight gain when you go back to eating a “normal” diet. The key to success is redefining what you consider a “normal” diet, and then permanently changing your lifestyle so that you always eat in a way that is healthy for you.

Clean eating means whole foods – the actual food, not the grocery store – and a varied diet that contains plenty of fruits and vegetables, and very little if any processed food. Two simple pieces of advice that keep me on track come from author and “food activist” Michael Pollan.

1)      At the grocery store, shop mostly around the outside of the store where fresh produce, meat, and grains tend to be located. Shop very little in the middle of the store where processed, packaged foods tend to be located.

2)      Eat real food … not too much … mostly vegetables.

Those two simple tips can get you on the road to cleaner eating and may even lead to more cooking or even gardening. Which is great because both cooking and gardening are activities that involve movement – and, as all standing desk aficionados know, any movement counts as time-not-spent-sitting!


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