Standing Desks Are Just the Beginning: Adopting Other Healthy At-Work Habits


VARIDESK Adjustable Height Desk

I’m a fan of the Eat This not That series of books and articles from the ripped and toned studmonsters at Men’s health. Mostly because anything that encourages me to eat (it’s right there in the title!) I automatically like. Most health advice comes off as a big ‘ol nagathon of “don’t do this” “avoid that” “quit doing everything you’re doing” “butter is not a food group” – blah blah blah, whatever. I prefer advice that offers healthy alternatives and feels a little more positive. For instance, we don’t just yell, “Hey you! Quit sitting all the time! You’re gonna die!” We suggest using standing desks or an adjustable height desk and describe the many reasons why it might be a healthier choice.

So, let’s try that approach with a few other not-so-healthy work day habits many of us are guilty of:

If your idea of breakfast is chugging coffee at a stoplight…

Try this instead: Food.

Just because you’re on-the-go in the morning doesn’t mean you have to skip breakfast. Try a banana, a boiled egg, or A healthy, low-sugar breakfast bar with plenty of fiber and protein. Skipping breakfast slows metabolism and deprives your brain of the fuel it needs for that morning meeting. You can still have the coffee at the stoplight, just chase it with some actual food.

If you ‘hydrate’ with sodas, energy drinks or fruit juice…

Try this instead: Water.

The dreaded “afternoon slump” is often due to dehydration. Pumping yourself full of caffeine (a diuretic) can dehydrate you further, and sugar will make your energy crash even worse. Give yourself a water challenge: bring your own bottle, keep track of your water intake and see if you can drink at least 64 ounces a day. They even make an app for that!

If your definition of “snack” is “whatever processed nightmare I can afford in the vending machine”…

Try this instead: Food.

Basically, try to avoid anything that comes pre-sealed in a crinkly package. Instead, bring a lunch sack with nuts, fruit, carrot sticks, yogurt, hummus, granola, cheese or trail mix… y’know, food. If it includes ingredients you can’t pronounce, skip it. Bonus: there are some really cool and fashionable lunch totes out there – go get one!

So, in summary:

  1. use your standing desk
  2. eat food
  3. drink water
  4. eat food

I know it’s complicated, but if you stick with the habits long enough, they’ll become second nature and you won’t have to think about it so hard anymore.


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