Standing up desk from VARIDESK – Stunning Innovation

VARIDESK Dual MonitorThe VARIDESK is a stunning standing up desk for offices and homes across the USA. Our patent pending mechanism and design makes our standing up desk design the most convenient way of changing your position while working at your computer.

Ease of Use

Many of the standing up desks in the market in the USA today are clumsy, complicated to use and require office redesigns. In contrast the VARIDESK installs within five minutes and can be simply placed on top of your existing office desk. Our innovative design will cause minimal fuss in your office and can be moved as you move around your office. Our range of standing up desks covers customers who use either single of dual monitors.


Our VARIDESK are manufactured to the highest quality and we are involved in every step for each standing desk. We project managed the development of the product all the way through from prototypes to manufacturing. The materials we have used in our VARIDESKS have been tested to international standards and our warranties are second-to-none.

Health Benefits of Standing up desks

Regular changes in the workplace can make a long-term improvement to your health. Little changes in behavior such as standing at your desk that can add up to make quite a big difference to your health. We have also created a desktop app which VARIDESK users have installed on their computer which can remind them when they need to stand or sit throughout the day.


The VARIDESK standing up desk will change the way you work.