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Benefits of a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

If you work in an office, chance are you’ve seen, or at least heard of, standing desks. Thought height-adjustable desks are revolutionizing the way people work today, many are still unsure of the benefits of standing. However, by using a height-adjustable sit-stand desk, studies have shown you can increase productivity [1], reduce your risk of […]
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Why VARIDESK Stands Above Other Sit-Stand Desks

Same Problem, Different Solutions So you’re thinking of upgrading the way you work with a sit-stand desk, but you’ve come to a realization: you don’t know what kind of height adjustable desk to get. There are dozens of options, all different shapes, sizes, finishes, configurations, and vastly different levels of skill needed to assemble them. […]
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Success with VARIDESK: Michael’s Story

Michael Kitces is a well-known financial planner, speaker, and writer. After years of traveling for work and sitting all day, he felt his growing weight and sedentary lifestyle were in need of a change. That’s when he found VARIDESK. This is his story. How did you first hear about VARIDESK? Michael Kitces: Standing desks have […]
VARIDESK Standing Desks have won Product Innovation of the Year!

VARIDESK awarded “Product Innovation of the Year”

VARIDESK, the global leader in affordable height-adjustable standing desk solutions, is being recognized with the Corporate Wellness Product Innovation of the Year. Each year, the Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA) and the Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress (EHBC) recognize the most innovative companies in corporate wellness. According to statements from the CHWA and the […]