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Change of Seasons and Scenery: Overhaul Your Office Before Summer Ends

With changing leaves, kids changing grades and some fiscal years coming to a close, the end of August is the perfect time to overhaul your office and make some organizational changes of your own! If you need a little help with where to start organizing your office or workspace, don’t worry – we’ve listed our […]
Simplify Your Life Week

Simplify Your Life Week

Did you know the first week of August is national ‘Simplify Your Life Week?’ In honor of the holiday, we’ve outlined five easy steps to help you simplify your life so you can ditch the distractions and start maximizing productivity! Step 1 – Declutter It sounds so strikingly simple, but it makes a big difference; […]
Standing Desk Exercise

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: Upping Your 2K Resolution

Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions, many related to improving their health and lifestyle. It’s a tradition. The next tradition is breaking those resolutions. In fact, only 8% of people keep those resolutions, which means an astounding 92%…don’t. The problem isn’t that we want to change ourselves. It’s how we go about doing it. […]

VARIDESK Holiday Shipping

The whole team here at VARIDESK wishes you and yours all the best this holiday season. Like you, we’ll be spending some extra time with our families and loved ones over the next few days. So please bear with us as we take a little break to deck halls, light candles, sing songs, eat too […]

Benefits of a Height Adjustable Standing Desk

If you work in an office, chance are you’ve seen, or at least heard of, standing desks. Thought height-adjustable desks are revolutionizing the way people work today, many are still unsure of the benefits of standing. However, by using a height-adjustable sit-stand desk, studies have shown you can increase productivity [1], reduce your risk of […]
Standing Desk ActiveMat

The ActiveMat is Back

Great news! Your feet don’t need to suffer any longer, the ActiveMat is back in stock! The ActiveMat allows your feet to explore and engage different muscles while standing. Stretch, shift, and stand in a multitude of positions guided by the dynamic shape of this unique anti-fatigue mat. Its durable, high-density core gives long-lasting support and […]

VARIDESK Holiday Gift Guide

Give them a gift they’ll use every day of the year and check out all of our products at! Be sure to get your order in by December 15th to get it there by December 24th!
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Why VARIDESK Stands Above Other Sit-Stand Desks

Same Problem, Different Solutions So you’re thinking of upgrading the way you work with a sit-stand desk, but you’ve come to a realization: you don’t know what kind of height adjustable desk to get. There are dozens of options, all different shapes, sizes, finishes, configurations, and vastly different levels of skill needed to assemble them. […]
Cubicle Standing Desk

VARIDESK Sit-Stand Desk Series: The Cubicle Series

The Search Begins Let’s assume you’re one of the tens of millions of people working in a cubicle, and you’re considering adding a new dimension to your workspace by standing with a height-adjustable desk. You just have one question: “Will it fit in my cube?” We strive to make the most affordable, high quality products […]

Upgrade to an Active Office: Our Most Popular Bundle

We know making the decision to get a standing desk is a big one. With so many options out there it can get a little overwhelming, especially when you start delving into the recommended accessories. To help you out a little, we put together our most popular items into a $795 bundle. It’s got everything […]
Standing Desk Compact Small Sit Stand Desk

Frequently Asked Friday: Part 3

Buying a standing desk can be a big decision that requires a good bit of research. At VARIDESK, we get a lot of questions about our desks, accessories, health benefits, and more. To help you out during your research process, we’ve created Frequently Asked Friday, a series created to answer common questions surrounding VARIDESK, standing while you […]
Standing Desk VARIChair Standing Desk Stool

VARIChair: The Perfect Companion for Your Sit-Stand Desk

For many people, the “stand” half of a sit-stand desk can be a little scary at first, but once you do it, many find it is a game-changer for your health, mood, and productivity. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that you shouldn’t be standing all day. Studies actually show that you should […]
Standing Desk Call Center Crop

Using Standing Desks at Work Improves Productivity by 46%

According to a recent study, when employees use sit/stand desks their productivity increases. For years, workers who use standing desks have been touting this very benefit and now science has confirmed it. The Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health studied a call center and measured the number of calls the workers made […]
Finding a balance is key to a healthy life

Sedentary Lifestyles: Understanding the Risks and How Sit/Stand Desks Can Help

A lack of physical activity is potentially a major cause of preventable death worldwide[i]. That’s a heavy statement, and it needs to be clarified. The new normal in the developed world is that we are now living longer, getting richer and receiving better healthcare than ever before, but one of the biggest risks we still […]