The “Three C’s” of Sitting Disease

Cankles, confusion, and constipation – these dreaded “three c’s” are just a few of the unpleasant side effects of sitting disease.

Sitting DiseaseThat’s according to this latest article in the UK Daily Mail that covers some of the latest research on sitting disease and its symptoms.

So, let’s start with cankles, shall we? (I’m really hoping that’s the only time I’ll ever write that sentence) It turns out that ‘If you don’t keep blood pumping out of your leg and back to your heart, you get high pressure all the time in the veins in the lower legs and feet,’ according to Mark Whiteley, consultant vascular surgeon at the Whiteley Clinic in West London.

All that pressure can lead to fluid retention and puffiness as well as more serious issues like blood clots and ulcers. Standing at your desk, walking to the break room, and even wiggling your toes when you do have to sit, will stimulate circulation in the lower body.

Moving on to confusion – ‘brain fog’ is a common complaint for office workers suffering from sitting disease. According to the article, “Several studies have found a link between physical activity and cognitive function. Any benefits of moving that you see in muscles you should see in the brain. If you have good blood flow to the muscles, you have good blood flow to the brain and it will work better.’

Standing uses more muscles than sitting and keeps the electrical impulses in your leg muscles from shutting down entirely. Stronger muscles, smarter brain.

As for the last “C” – constipation – let’s just say that sitting still for too long makes things a little… sluggish … and leave it at that.

These “three C’s” are just a few of the risks of sitting disease – see the whole article for more scary sitting stats. You can also refer back to past blog posts about LPL suppression, depression, and back pain.

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Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

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