VARIDESK launches at Neocon

DALLAS – June 5, 2013 – VARIDESK™ is already making waves as the newest innovation in the adjustable height desk category after having been on the market for just more than one month.

Prior to its official launch at NeoCon 2013 in Chicago on June 10, this new line of VARIDESK adjustable height stand-up desks has found its way onto desktops at some of the country’s most forward-thinking companies, and initial customers are reporting fewer aches and pains often associated with prolonged sitting, seeing more productivity and feeling more energetic when they stand up throughout the workday.

Stand up deskVARIDESK, which comes fully-assembled for the simplest of set-ups, rests atop existing desks and makes it easy for users to turn their sitting desk into a stand-up desk, and back, in mere seconds. By squeezing the handles on each side of the upper portion of the VARIDESK, users can raise the desk to work from a standing position at intervals throughout the day. Squeezing the handles and lightly pushing down will return the VARIDESK to a lower position so users can work while sitting down.

“We know VARIDESK is the easiest to use and most affordable option for office workers who are looking for a way to incorporate standing up into their workday,” said Jason McCann, president of VARIDESK’s parent company, Gemmy Industries. “It’s really a win-win for employees and the companies they work for, giving everyone a simple solution when looking for a way to work while sitting or standing. VARIDESK can literally improve employees’ health and wellness, and the products give companies a way to promote a healthier, more productive workplace with a minimal investment.”

These ergonomic desks are currently available in three sizes to accommodate a laptop setup or single or dual monitors on the upper portion of the desk, which easily moves up and down to adjust to various heights. Additionally, a free desktop or smartphone app can be used to remind users to stand periodically and also tracks the additional calories that are burned throughout the day by standing vs. sitting.

Standing Up for Your Health

A growing issue for employees and employers alike, research continues to reveal that sitting at a desk for more than six hours a day has a very real, very negative impact on a person’s health.

  • Risk of heart attack is on par with people who smoke at least one pack of cigarettes per day
  • The more people sit, the shorter their average life span, independent of their level of physical activity or exercise outside of work
  • Sitting for the majority of the day increases overall risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes
  • Leg muscles immediately become inactive, calorie burning drops dramatically, and ability to break down fat drops by a staggering 90%

Studies also show that employees feel more productive, more focused and less fatigued when they’re able to stand up while working. And knowing their employer offers options like this can often help boost morale and engagement in the workplace.

VARIDESK has already attracted the attention of companies like The Container Store headquarters in Dallas, and Viverae, a health management company dedicated to finding wellness solutions for companies. Each company started their order with just a few test products and quickly added more based on interest and response by employees.

“It’s been interesting to see the companies and individuals that have gravitated toward our VARIDESK solution,” added McCann. “From call centers and law firms, to universities and municipalities, to creative types that work at a design or architecture firms, they’ve all made initial orders from us. We’re seeing that the concept of improving your health by doing something as simple as standing up during the day is appealing to a broad swath of workplaces.”


The VARIDESK™ concept was created within the walls of Gemmy Industries, a Dallas-based company founded in 1984 and best known for its groundbreaking designs and innovations in consumer products, seasonal décor, LED lighting and entertainment technology. In response to a corporate executive who was saddled with nagging back pain, Gemmy identified a need in the marketplace for an affordable, easily adjustable stand-up desk that could provide some relief for office workers stuck in a constant sitting position. In 2013, the company launched VARIDESK, a line of adjustable height stand-up desks that promote a healthier and more productive work environment by allowing you to easily transform your workspace from a sitting desk to a stand-up desk, and back, in mere seconds.

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