VARIDESK – Making Your Stand

You’ll probably hear us talking about sitting disease quite a bit on this blog.

This time around, instead of focusing on the negative effects of sitting down too much, we’re going to look at some of the positives of standing up more, and how VARIDESK can help. This is our way of looking at the situation in a ‘glass half-full’ kind of way.

Try this: the next time you’ve been sitting for three hours or more – it can be at the office, at home, or even when you’re watching TV – try standing up for a few minutes. Continue doing the same thing while on your feet. Go on, try it. Chances are, you’ll feel much more alert and engaged in what you’re doing.

That’s because standing signals the body that it’s time to work. Certain parts of our bodies switch ‘back on’ when we stand up. Blood flow increases, our metabolism and ability to process cholesterol spikes, and that relaxed haze we get when sitting down goes away. It’s a throwback to our caveman days where our very survival depended on being in tune with our surroundings.

So, it should come as no surprise that our productivity increases when we stand. It prompts our body and mind to get into gear. We were meant to move and stand; that’s what our bodies were made to do. The modern world, however, puts pressure on us to sit, whether it’s at our jobs, or parked in front our widescreens at home. How do we balance the two?

The VARIDESK Adjustable Height Desk

VARIDESK adjustable height desks are an excellent place to start. We can’t help you with watching your favorite shows on the couch, but we can change the way you work. At home and at the office, the VARIDESK allows you work either sitting or standing. The helpful app we’ve created can also help you know when it’s time to stand up.

Simply put, the more you stand, the more energy and engagement you’ll receive. VARIDESK helps you make that stand. Check out our website, particularly the customer testimonials, and see how our stand up desks have already made a difference.


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