Reviews of the VARIDESK from bloggers & reviewers who have been using our adjustable height desks and posting independent reviews of it. Research our product and how it has been used through independent websites. We think you’ll be impressed.

Cedarlane Varidesk review
A Standing Resolution -- A nice blog detailing the initial thought on the VARIDESK from Dr.Pascale Lane
Evann Clingan Varidesk
Blogger Evann Clingan shares her initial thoughts of using a VARIDESK on her blog! Check it out here
Small Business Computing Varidesk
In their article “Desk Jockeys Arise and Take a Stand” features VARIDESK as a “A Standing Desk Priced for Small Business”. Check out their full article here.
RehabManagement Varidesk
VARIDESK is featured on Rehab as a Rehab Management Product! Check it out here.
Business Solutions Varidesk.
Business Solutions Features VARIDESK as a "A Remedy For IT Workers Who Sit All Day". Read what they had to say here
Peggy Bechko Varidesk
Check out her blog “Sitting or Standing – A Writer’s Dilemma” here
The Gadgeteer Varidesk
Check out this article from to find out how you can easily convert your conventional desk to a standing desk without permanent modifications with a VARIDESK.
Varidesk David Christian
Check out this article from DAVIDCHRISTIAN.COM and find out how VARIDESK could be the solution for you!
PartnersCreative Varidesk
Kara Shapiro, one of our Facebook contest winners, loved her desk so much her employer decided to make everyone's lives at work healthier by giving everyone in her office a VARIDESK! Read her blog post here.