VARIDESK Sit-Stand Desk Series: The Cubicle Series

The Search Begins

Let’s assume you’re one of the tens of millions of people working in a cubicle, and you’re considering adding a new dimension to your workspace by standing with a height-adjustable desk. You just have one question: “Will it fit in my cube?”

We strive to make the most affordable, high quality products that fit in the widest number of possible workspaces. Your comfort in your cubicle is so important to us, we actually make two different sit-stand desk options for cubicle working: the Cube Corner and the Cube Plus.

The Perfect Fit for Your Cubecubicle-48-high_new-logo

First, get to know the Cube Plus. Designed with a shallower depth than the average VARIDESK, the Cube Plus sits on the bench portion of your cubicle desk, letting you sit and stand in seconds. Coming in both 40” and 48” options, the large upper surface has plenty of space for a laptop, single monitor or even a dual-monitor setup. The lower keyboard tray gives you room for your full size keyboard and mouse, letting you work more comfortably while standing or sitting.

Covering All the Angles

If you prefer to get your work done at a 90-degree angle, the Cube Corner is what you’ve been looking for. The Cube Corner has a triangular surface that maximizes the space you get out of any cubicle and adds a new level to the way you work in seconds. To help you get the most out of your cubicle, it comes in two sizes, 36” and 48”. Just like the Cube Plus, the Cube Corner features a large upper surface with plenty of space aCubicle Standing Desknd a lower keyboard tray with room for your full size keyboard and mouse. By sitting on a narrower, 23.75” deep body, it fits snugly into your cube and gives your corner a more comfortable upgrade.

All Cube Corner and the Cube Plus options hold up to 35 lbs, and are sturdy and stable even when fully extended.

Space Saver and Time Saver

VARIDESK sit-stand desk solutions arrive fully assembled. You can slide your VARIDESK Cube Corner or Cube Plus out of the box and get to work in minutes, not hours. Because VARIDESK sits on top of your current desk, there’s no installation needed. All you need is a coworker or friend to help you place it on top of your desk, and you can get down, or up, to business.

 Guaranteed Happiness

We want you to be happy with your decision, and we’ll give you plenty of time to make sure VARIDESK is for you. With our 30-day, risk-free guarantee, if you don’t feel the benefits of VARIDESK, we’ll refund your purchase, pick up the VARIDESK and pay for shipping ourselves.

Of course, all VARIDESK models:

  • Include free shipping
  • Have multiple height settings
  • Go from delivery to setup in minutes
  • Shift from sitting to standing in seconds
  • Are sturdy and stable even when fully extended

See our Buyer’s Guide video to learn more about VARIDESK models, or visit our website at!





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