Why VARIDESK Stands Above Other Sit-Stand Desks

Same Problem, Different Solutions

So you’re thinking of upgrading the way you work with a sit-stand desk, but you’ve come to a realization: you don’t know what kind of height adjustable desk to get.

There are dozens of options, all different shapes, sizes, finishes, configurations, and vastly different levels of skill needed to assemble them. So how do you even begin to narrow it down? How do you find the sit-stand desk that works specifically for you?

Hopefully we can help with that. 

Keep It Simple

The last thing you want when your desk arrives is to spend the next two hours fitting piece A into slot Z, all while continually trying to figure out where parts F-L have wandered off to. That’s why VARIDESK sit-stand desk solutions arrive fully assembled. You can slide your VARIDESK out of the box and get to work in exec48-vs-exec40-v1minutes, not hours.

And forget about oversized dials, electric motors and other ridiculous raising/lowering devices. All VARIDESK models use our simple dual-handle design, combined with our patented, spring-loaded boost, to let you go from sitting to standing in three seconds. It’s so easy and requires minimal effort on your part. 

It Works Anywhere

Here at VARIDESK, we strive to make the most affordable, high quality products possible. That’s why we offer five main desk categories with multiple sizes to make sure they fit your personal workspace.

Because VARIDESK sits on top of your current desk, there’s no installation needed. All you need is a coworker or friend to help you place it on top of your desk, and you can get down, or up, to business. 

Built to Last

Using high-quality materials was never a question when it came to building the VARIDESK. With an average ability to support up to 35 lbs, the VARIDESK is stronger than maVaridesk-Active-office-316-v2_NEW-LOGO-600x400ny other standing desk options. The steel frame also makes sure it’s sturdy and stable, even when fully extended.

Guaranteed Happiness

We want you to be happy with your decision, and we’ll give you plenty of time to make sure VARIDESK is for you. With our 30-day, risk-free guarantee, if you don’t feel the benefits of VARIDESK, we’ll refund your purchase, pick up the VARIDESK and pay for shipping ourselves.

Of course, all VARIDESK models:

Include free shipping

Have multiple height settings

Go from delivery to setup in minutes

Shift from sitting to standing in seconds

Are sturdy and stable even when fully extended

See our Buyer’s Guide video to learn more about VARIDESK models, or visit our website at www.VARIDESK.com!




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